Privacy Policy

1. E.soof LTD. (hereinafter: “The Company“) thanks its Bazz® application (hereinafter: “The Application“) users for choosing to download and use the application through their mobile device.

2. The application enables recognition, decoding and conversion of messages such as SMS and/or MMS messages comprising texts, symbols and written contents to voice and audio contents in a user’s mobile device. The application further enables automated user responses to those messages by using preselected text strings chosen by the user in advance and/or by recording vocal responses and/or by automatically dialing to a message sender. These operations are solely triggered by the vocal responses and optionally without manual operation on the part of the user.

3. The user is required to carefully read all sections of the privacy policy set forth herein below (hereinafter: “The Privacy Policy“).

4. The privacy policy is an integral part of the company’s terms of use.

5. Downloading the application by the user shall be deemed as the user’s acknowledgment and acceptance of the privacy policy without any exceptions and the user further acknowledges that the company has entered the terms of use in reliance upon the user’s acknowledgment and acceptance of them and the privacy policy.

6. If the user does not acknowledge, accepts and agrees to all sections of the privacy policy, in whole or in part, the user is required not to download and/or install and/or otherwise use the application. If the application is installed on the user’s mobile device, the user is required by the company to remove it.

7. The user declares that he/she read all sections of the privacy policy and is aware of and agrees to all of them and agrees to act in accordance to them.

8. The company respects its user’s privacy and therefore undertakes to adopt reasonable precautions at its disposal in order to maintain its user’s information as defined below.

9. The company invests great efforts in order to secure the application software and hardware against unauthorized access. Also, the company invests great efforts in order to secure its user’s privacy and/or disclosure of its user’s information as defined below by an unauthorized factor.

In any scenario whatsoever, including any scenario that is not controlled by the company and/or arising from force majeure, the company shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to the user and/or his/hers representatives, including where those details were lost and/or received by any third party and/or if the third party will use it without the company’s approval.

10. The user undertakes to comply with all statutory requirements as they relate to maintaining and protecting the privacy of any third party, including all privacy of those who send messages, such as SMS and/or MMS messages to the user and/or the privacy of recipients of the user’s responses via the application.

11. During the process of downloading the application, the user will provide the company with the following identifying information (hereinafter ” identifying information“):

11.1. The user’s full name;

11.2. The user’s current e-mail address;

11.3. The user’s mobile phone number on which the application will be downloaded to.

If all of the aforementioned identifying information will not be fully provided to the company by the user, he/she will not be able to complete downloading the application to his/hers mobile device and will not be able to use it.

The user declares that the aforementioned identifying information is accurate, reliable, correct, and that the user is aware that failing to provide true and accurate information is a criminal offense by law.

The company under its sole discretion can elect to block the user from using the application. Specifically, the company under its sole discretion can elect to block the user from using the application where inaccurate, incomplete and/or false identifying information was provided by the user. The user will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever with respect to payment(s) he/she paid the company for downloading the application and/or for purchasing and/or obtaining the non-exclusive license as defined in the application’s terms of use.

12. The company may collect, capture and store the following information (hereinafter: “user’s information“):

12.1. The identifying information provided by the user as mentioned above;

12.2. The user’s internet protocol (IP) address and the domain name registry information associated with that IP address;

12.3. The user’s identification of his/hers internet browser, operating system and hardware platform he/she is using;

12.4. The date and time of the user’s use of the application;

12.5. The complete record of the user’s actions with the application;

12.6. Any other user’s behavior data.

13. The company may use the user’s information, in whole or in part, under its sole discretion. Among other things, the company may use the user’s information in order to protect, maintain and improve the application and/or its services and/or the company’s services and also in order to solve various problems and/or errors, technical and others, so that the users use of the application will be productive as much as possible.

14. Notwithstanding the foregoing:

14.1. The company may share and/or disclose non-identifying user’s information with advertisers, business partners, funders and other agencies.

14.2. The company may share and/or disclose the user’s information, in whole or in part, if required to comply with any legal process and/or legal provision such as a search warrant or subpoena for court of law.

14.3. The company may share and/or disclose the user’s information, in whole or in part, in any case of legal proceedings and/or quasi-judicial proceedings and/or disputes of any kind between the company and the user, all with respect and/or in relation to the application and/or to the user’s non-exclusive license to use it and/or to the company’s services.

15. The privacy policy is subject to changes from time to time and the user hereby gives prior consent to any of the change(s) and that any such change(s) shall apply and be valid with respect to the user and his/hers use of the application and/or with reference to his/hers obligations and/or acknowledgments and/or acceptance of the terms of use and the privacy policy. The most updated terms of use and privacy policy can be found at the company’s website at

16. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions, requests or complaints regarding the privacy policy.