The system has two operating modes:

Always on - You have the option to leave BAZZ always on.

While Driving - BAZZ will read messages only when it detects driving .

The icon on the screen top bar indicates the system status

While in driving mode – the icon displayed at the top bar of the device screen is Orange.
After driving detection, the icon will change its color to Green.

Important to Know

• When the application operates, in both operation modes,  the application waits in the background. It will “wake up” only when you receive a text message (you will hear a voice indicator – Message from… and a screen will “pop  up”).

   A voice notification will play and guide you:

  • “Say continue to hear the content or stop”
  • “Say continue to reply or stop”
  • “Text, Callback or Record “

• After each voice notification, the microphone sound is played and the system waits for your commands for three seconds.
When the system received the command, it will play a voice notification with the action.It means there is no need to touch or look at your device.

 It is important to say the commands loud and clear and wait one second after the second beep. It improves the system ability to recognize the command, despite the background noise.

• When a phone call is in progress and you receive a new message, the system waits until the call ends and then plays the message.

• When you receive two messages in a row, the system plays the first message and after it’s handled, it plays the second message.

• Played messages remain marked as “unread messages” on your device, so you can review them again at the end of the driving.

• Battery consumption – When the device is in standby mode, the battery consumption is slightly increased.

• When the system is running, battery consumption is increased due to the system’s use of the device’s speaker and microphone, in order to play messages, receive commands, provide voice indicators and record voice messages.


Messages playback

You can set how the system will read the messages:
Volume – System playback is made with a changeable sound level on scale of 1-15 (default=15).

Speed – System playback is made with a changeable speed: very slow, slow, normal, fast, very fast (default = normal).

Bluetooth device

In order to hear the messages with Bluetooth systems (you can choose more than one), you will need to define the connection between your device and the B.T systems. The system default is Automatic but, if it doesn’t work choose another option for the connection. There are several options that you’ll need to try and match. For each Bluetooth system you’ll need to choose the right option.

App language

You can set the language of the setting screens. The selection will change the text in the setting screens and the voice notification language. The system fully works in English, Spanish and Hebrew (The commands are only in English).

Text to Speech language

BAZZ can reads many languages as long as you have the TTS (Text to Speech) engine you want in your device

.You can download a free TTS from Google and than choose it for the BAZZ reading

 App Language – reads English and Hebrew messages, including messages that combine the two languages

  • TTS Language  – The system uses one of the TTS engines available on the device in order to read the messages. You can set the language settings selected engine (BAZZ will play only the selected language).

Font size 

You can enlarge the font size of the text in the setting screens.
It is adjusted for people with impaired vision.


BAZZ default is to show its status in the notification line. You can choose not show the small icon of BAZZ (Green or Orange) at the state notification line of your device.

Text Messages

Sending a pre-written text message

After hearing the message content, you can choose to send a SMS message (written in advance).To send the message, say the command – “Text”.
After sending the message, the system plays the voice notification- message sent.
Note – You can reply only with SMS, even if you received another text message.

The system has two options:

Default message -The system sends the default message.
Personalized Reply -Type the content of your custom message in the text box.

Incoming Messages & Calls

Play WhatsApp messages - You can hear WhatsApp messages if you have Android version 4.3+. You need to enable BAZZ system in your device settings :

  • WhatsApp messages – see if the WhatsApp button is on green. If its on red move it
    and the “Notification” screen will open. Approve BAZZ in the small box and approve in the popup window.
  • WhatsApp group Messages – you have three options to handle groups messages:
    • Do not play the group messages.
    • Play only the group name.
    • Play all group messages. In this option you can block specific groups that you don’t want to hear while driving. Notice – a group blocking can be done only after the first time you received a message from this group.
  • Handle incoming calls – System default is to read the caller’s name. To stop hear the caller’s name switch to Red.
  • Blocked/unknown senders – The system default is to play all incoming messages. To block messages from blocked/unknown senders, switch this setting to Red.

Driving Detection

System activation in ‘While Driving’ mode

In ‘While Driving’ mode, the system is in standby. It will activate when it detects driving and/or an active Bluetooth connection (defaults). Users can choose one or more of the conditions below:

  • Driving [above 15kph/10mph]. You can use GPS for better accuracy.
  • Connected to Bluetooth. You can select any Bluetooth device to block BAZZ activation.
  • Connected to Wired Headset
  • Connected to charger

When the system “wakes up” it plays a voice notification“BAZZ activated, drive safely” or a sound notification. In addition, the status bar at the top of the screen shows the Green icon that indicates that the system is running.

The system shuts down when it detects the end of driving (default) or when the device disconnect from the Bluetooth device. In automatic shutdown,
a unique shutdown beep is played and the icon on the status bar at the top of the screen changes from Green to Orange.

Voice Commands

Reading the message content

When you receive a text message:
The system announces the new message voice notification – “message from…” [sender’s name or an unsaved phone number]. The system then plays the message content, according to the settings.

Voice confirmation – approval for playing the content (default)
To protect the user privacy – situations where there are other people inside the car or in the area, the system will ask for the user approval.

After playing the sender’s name, The system announces,”Say continue to hear the content, or stop”.
Continue- The system plays the message content.
“Stop”- The system says Thank you, stops and waits for the next message.

Automatically – Continuous playback
The system reads the sender’s name and the message content immediately afterwards, without further instruction from the user.

Don’t play message content
The system plays the sender name and stops. It is for users who want to know they got a new message and from whom (without the content).

After playing the message content, there are three options:

1. Using voice commands – After playing the message content, the system waits three seconds for voice commands from the user.
There are five commands – “Text”, “Record”, “Callback”, “Stop” or “Repeat”.

The system’s voice commands:

  • “Text” – The system send the pre-written text message. The sent message is the message set in the Text Messages screen.
    Note – You can reply only with a SMS message, even if you received a WhatsApp message.
  • “Record” – The system records the user’s voice message and sends it as a link. Upon saying the “Record” command, the microphone is opened for 15 seconds to record a message. An opening beep is played when the recording starts and a closure beep is played when it ends. At the end of the recording, the system sends the message and plays a voice notification- message sent”.
  • “Callback” – The system callback the sender’s phone . A voice notification is played – calling”  and an ordinary phone call is made.
  • “Stop” – The system stops and waits for the next message without further action. The systems plays a voice notification- Thank you.
    You can stop the system after hearing the sender’s name or the message content. .
    Note – The “Stop” command stops the system only after playing the message. To stop during playback, you need to touch the device screen.
  • “Repeat” – The system plays the message content one more time.

2Sending a text message automatically - The system sends a SMS message automatically for each message received, without the need to say a command.

3Do nothing -This mode cancels the use of voice commands and allows you only to listen to messages with no response.The system reads the content and than waits for the next message to be received.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings lets you choose:

Shorten voice commands operation – User who know how to work with the system and want to shorten the operation time can choose to use this.

After reads the sender name BAZZ will play the two beeps and will wait for the command. It won’t plays the question“Say continue to hear the content, or stop
After the voice notification,”Say continue to reply or stop?” the system will play the two beeps and will wait for the command. it won’t read the response options – “Text, Callback or Record” (default).
To cancel the playback of response options, switch this setting to Green.



My Safety

We encourage our users to drive more safely by using BAZZ every time they drive.
In order for you to know how many days and how many messages you drive safely you can see the retention and points score. Retention is for every day you used BAZZ and point for every message the app read.