How can I define a voice notification at the end of my driving?

To hear a voice notification at the end of the driving:
Go to Settings – ‘Driving Detection’. Choose ‘Sound on driving ended detection‘.
Choose the ‘Play Message’ line and the notification you want to hear.
You can also choose specific times to operates it. Change the button from Red to Green.  

How can I hear WhatsApp messages?

The system supports reading WhatsApp messages from Android version 4.3+.
When you install BAZZ in your device you can approve to hear it. If you don’t hear them go to Settings screen – Incoming messages/calls – move the WhatsApp cursor from red to green.
Approve BAZZ in the small window and confirm the action.


Which Android versions are supported?

BAZZ is working with Android versions:
Text read from version 2.3+, including tablets with SIM cards.
WhatsApp read from Android version 4.3 +

‘What is the difference between ‘Always’ operation and ‘While driving?

The system has two operation modes:

Always - the user operates the application by himself. The system operates all the time, regardless of driving.

While driving - the system is powered on but will operate only when driving is identified. The icon color will change from Orange to Green [default].

You can identify the operation mode by the color of the icon that will appear at the top of the screen without opening the application. In addition, the main screen has literal indication of the operating status.

Green Icon – the system is running.
Orange Icon – the system is in standby mode and wait for driving detection.

In both operation modes, the system runs in the background and waits for messages. There is no need to stay on the main screen of the application. The device screen can be turned off or run a navigation application.

Is it possible to block messages from a blocked/unknown number?

Yes, go to Settings screen – Incoming messages/calls and switch to Red for the setting – “Read messages from a blocked/unknown sender”.

Does the system work while staying abroad?

The system defaults is not to work while traveling abroad (roaming) in order to avoid high costs. If the user wants the system to work, he will have to do the follows:
Settings screen – Advanced Settings and switch from Green to Red for the setting – “Do not start if roaming”.

How can I invite my friends to use BAZZ?

You can invite your friends to use BAZZ, go to the Menu screen -click on the Invite button and choose the way you want to share it with your friends.

What is the cost for sending prewritten Text messages and voice messages using the BAZZ system?

The Costs depends on the package purchased from your service provider .

I received a message but the system didn’t read it

This is probably because your device is on silent or vibrate mode. In these modes BAZZ will not read the messages.

Does the application read symbols or emoji?

BAZZ doesn’t reads symbols.It reads all emojis by a voice notification “emoji”.

Is it possible to know whether my contacts have BAZZ?

Currently the system cannot identify whether your contacts have BAZZ.
The only way is to ask or invite them to use it .

How can I shorten the time between receiving the message and reading the content?

You cannot shorten the time. The system requires time to process and convert the text to speech and therefore there are a few seconds between receiving the new message voice notification to hear the message content.

You can shorten the operating time when a message is read. You can reduce the voice notifications that comes after BAZZ reads the sender name and the content. Go to Advanced Settings and switch ‘Play voice commands after playing message’ from Green to Red. The system will sound the two beeps immediately after reads the sender and the content (without the voice notifications).

Can I listen to voice messages?

When ‘BAZZ’ is activated it will reads all voice messages that received from another ‘BAZZ’ user as a voice message or if someone sent you a voice SMS message.
If ‘BAZZ’ isn’t activated you can listen to the voice message sent by ‘BAZZ’ user by clicking the link attached to the Text message (SMS) you received.

A voice message that received via WhatsApp can be read by ‘BAZZ’ in some phone devices. In other devices the system will only indicates that a message received without playing the message.

What happens with a text message that was received after the playback?

Played text messages will remain marked as “unread messages” on your device, so you can review them at the end of the driving.

Is it possible to listen to messages when the mobile device is in vibrate/silent mode?

No, when the system is in vibrate/silent mode BAZZ doesn’t work, so the voice message will not be played.

When do I receive a voice notification that announce the system is active?

A voice or a sound  notification is played when the operation mode is set to While Driving mode. When the system identify the beginning of a driving and/or a connection to the Bluetooth identified.
The voice notification will announce “BAZZ activated, drive safely”. You can choose a sound notification instead of the voice and the system will sound a unique beep.

Is there an indication that the system was shut down?

Yes, the automatic shutdown at the end of the driving is done using a sound notification, at one of the two options :
The system detected that the vehicle has stopped and the driving ended.
The Bluetooth connection to the device was terminated.

What happens when a message is received during a phone call?

 When a new message is received during a phone call, the system waits until the call ends and then plays the message.

Can I initiate sending a Text message?

No, currently the system allows you only to respond to a received text message.
You can’t initiate sending a Text message.

What is the cost of sending a Text message using BAZZ?

The cost of sending a Text message using BAZZ is the same as of sending a Text message using any other means, depending on the package purchased from the service provider.

Is it possible to change the message reading speed?

Yes, Go to Settings screen – General – Message playback and set the desired speed.

I already know the response options, is it possible to cancel their playback?

Yes, You can shorten the time. Go to Settings screen – Advanced Settings switch the cursor ‘Shorten voice command operation’ from Green to Red.

The system will announce the sender name with the two beeps and the content. After the content it will ask Say continue to reply or stop?” and immediately plays the two beeps (without playing response options “Text, Callback,  or Record “).

Is it possible to stop the reading of the message at any stage?

Yes, by touching anywhere on the screen while the message is playing.
It immediately stop the playback.

When a navigation system is operating, a small circle is showing on the left side of the device. Touching it will also stop the playback.

Can the system operate without communication?

BAZZ system works only when it is connected to 3G Internet or Wi-Fi.
If you receive a message and the mobile is not connected to the network, you will hear a voice indicator – “no internet connection”. When the network connection is restored the message will be played.

Are voice messages saved?

Voice messages sent or received using the BAZZ system are saved for few days. This is designed to prevent strain on the device memory.

Can I hear WhatsApp groups messages ?

Yes, the system plays WhatsApp group messages.
You can define to hear messages out of 3 options:
1. Hear only the group name.
2. Block all the messages.
3. Hear all the messages.
If you want to hear the group messages you also can define which group you want to
hear while driving and which group you want to block.

Go to Setting screen – Incoming messages/calls