BAZZ, Text while driving safe

BAZZ® platform is a solution for safe driving on the road. The system enables users to listen to text and voice messages and respond to them without the need to touch the device or taking your eyes off the road. The solution increases the efficiency and productivity of companies and the drivers and reduces costs for damage caused by road accidents. The main idea of the solution is the use of a safety communication platform that reduces the distractions caused by receiving and sending text and voice messages while driving.

The company offers a number of solutions based on the use of BAZZ platform:

BAZZ® app for Android

A free app that allows the user to enjoy the basic applications of the system.
The application allows you to listen texting and written and audio WhatsApp and respond to them with voice commands.

BAZZ® Safe Connect

The BAZZ® Safe Connect platform is a 100% hands-free safe connectivity enabler that improves company’s efficiency, productivity and cost saving. The system increase company’s efficiency and productivity by 5-8% and reduce costs of accidents by 10%. Offering safe driving communication platform that enables drivers to listen to text and voice messages while driving in a safe, legal and convenient way. BAZZ enables the driver to listen to the content and respond via simple intuitive voice commands in four different ways and different languages including English, Spanish and Hebrew with all major languages to come. The platform provides additional safe driving telematics database separately or with current telematics systems.

BAZZ® Safe System

BAZZ® safe system was built for insurance companies. The system allows companies to offer an insurance packages to a variety of customers such as companies with fleets, families and young drivers. The system allows a safer driving while reducing distractions caused by text messaging. Usage of the system will reduce car accidents costs caused by driving distraction by 30%. The system monitors driver’s behavior and collect data about his safety behavior when driving. The company offers a SaaS platform with detailed database and general and individual statistics, with ability to trace an individual driver’s actions and advanced documentation capabilities.

Key Features

  • 100% hands-free! All actions are performed by voice commands, without the need to look at or touch the device.
  • Listen to the content of all written and voice message
  • Reply options in four different ways – send an Text message (written in advance), callback the sender, send a voice message or do not respond.
  • Automatically Identification of driving without the need to use GPS or Bluetooth
  • Listening to the messages thru Bluetooth devices headset or car
  • Works with navigation systems
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • User Privacy – listen to the content only after user approval

Features to BAZZ® Safe Connect

  • Reads Company’s messages system and Mails
  • Blocking other distractions
  • You can hear and reply to group
  • Initiate a phone call to selected numbers (in development)